Listed below are some frequently asked questions about our system. If you have other questions about our system please get in touch with us.

If I need urgent assistance, how and where can I get support from EGolf?

Visit http://forum.egolf.co.nz register/login and create a ‘Ticket’ which enables you to send EGolf a
message detailing your enquiry. Response times range from 1-3 hours.

If my client has a question/cannot facilitate a booking step/process – who and how do they get support?

Your client can email EGolf directly at support@egolf.co.nz where their enquiry will be acknowledged
(while also cc’ing the coach in) within 1-3 hours.

If I have an idea that will enhance my business and/or other coaches, how do I pass this on, and what are the chances that it will actually be created?

Register at http://forum.egolf.co.nz and login to be able to add a thread under the “Feature Request” forum.

How secure is my personal data and what happens if a server goes down?

Securing your information is our number one priority. eGolfs main server is located in Vocus Data Centre in Auckland which is designed and engineered to the highest standards. If in the unlikely case that this server goes down, your information is backed up daily to another server. Both servers are monitored 24/7 by a specialised server monitoring service that gives automatic updates on the current state of each server.

What happens to my database after I stop using EGolf?

Your data is stored on the egolf server for 90 days in conjunction with egolf’s terms and conditions. We provide this service as a backup for coaches to allow flexibility of use. After the 90 days your data will be completely erased from the egolf server.

Will eGolf use my database for any promotions/communications?

We only disclose your personal details if it is with your consent, for a purpose related (or in the case of sensitive information, directly related) to our business partners products or services, if it is otherwise required or permitted under the Privacy Act or other law, or as stated elsewhere in this Privacy Policy. Such disclosure may include disclosures to organisations that provide us with professional advice, such as solicitors, accountants and business advisor’s, our suppliers, and debt collection agencies and to our business partners. Please read eGolf’s Privacy Policy for more information..

What and how frequently will there be updates/improvements made to the system, and are these free and/or going to cost us?

Updates and general improvements to keep ahead of our competitors will be made on a timely fashion at no cost to the user. There may be some advanced features to choose from and will be based on a user pays system.

Is the EGolf booking system smartphone friendly for all operating systems and is there an application in development plan?

Yes. Currently you can access the system via your smartphone web browser. It is on our development list to create a mobile friendly version for users in the not to distance future at no extra cost. An application has been discussed, but will follow in later versions..

How can I transfer my existing database over to eGolf?

Currently the most efficient way is export your database as a CSV file format. It is critical that this data contains your customers first and family name, email address and mobile number.

Can I put the eGolf booking interface into my existing website?

Yes you can integrate the egolf booking system to your website, we recommend using your personal egolf url and having it linked from the navigation menu or a button within your website. Ask your web developer for advice, or we can offer suggestion.

Will there be a ‘term based’ payment option – where the coach/user could save money by making a up-front payment?

Yes. We feel this is an absolute must. This is scheduled for development in Version 1.2

What happens if I am away/not teaching for period of time?

Your monthly subscription fees will continue to be withdrawn from your account. You can at any stage however end your relationship with eGolf, a copy of your data will be backed up for 90 days – so providing you re-sign within this time frame, you can resume where you left off. However this will mean in the meantime that your clients will not be able to book or find you through the egolf system.

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